How to make a Quiz

Insert a Multiple Choice(Quiz) to test your users

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You can expand your presentation with one or more questionnaires to gain valuable knowledge about the user's understanding of the content.

Add question


Enter the question. E.g. "How many people appeared in the film?"


Enter the answer. For example "5". Add more answers with the button + Add answer

At least one answer must be marked as the correct answer. Click the check box next to it.

You can choose whether the user can tick one or more answers

You can add any in-depth text about the question, an explanation, or what you consider important for the user to know

Use comment field

You can allow the user to add a comment during the fill out

Comment field text
The default name of the comment field is "Comment", but this can be changed. For example, it could be called "Give your opinion" etc.


You can setup a Consequence for the Questionnaire when the user send in their asnwers.

Here, all answers must be correct. In other words, the user must have 100%

A consequence, triggers an action. In this case go to the next frame. Otherwise the user will be sent back to the previous frame

A presentation normally takes the user from start to finish. A Consequence can help the user to meet a certain criteria before continuing the presentation. Likewise, the result can be used to verify whether the user has understood the content of the presentation


When you insert one or more Questionnaires in your Presentation, there are some general settings that must/can be set. These are found under Presentation Settings

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