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Presentation - Settings tab
Presentation - Settings tab

Each Presentation is unique and can have different Settings.

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User must specify You can ask users to fill in information about themselves. Typically, this is done in relation to Questionnaires. In addition to the 4 fixed ones such as Name, Company, Email and Birthday, you can create up to 5 more.

Auto playback Here you can set an interval between each frame, so the user can sit back and watch the presentation like a movie. Users can switch Auto playback on and off on the control panel. But when you turn it on under Settings, it will be on from the start.

📢Please note: that there is no interval between 2 films. This is due to XpressU's modular approach. By creating smaller movies, you can put them together to a larger more flexible movie without too much delay in between. In addition, some movies have a fade in and a fade out in a few seconds. The break here could end up being too long.


Expires. Here you can set a date for when the Presentation will no longer be available. After that date, users will simply see a message that the Presentation is not available.

Two-step verification with PIN code / Password protected An XpressU Presentation is intended to be viewed. But there may be presentations that you don't want everyone to see. For example, if someone found the link in the browser's history, or on a public computer. Therefore, the presentation can be protected with a password. Write the password and send it to the people you want to have access to the Presentation. If you send from within XpressU, the password is automatically inserted into the email. You can also protect with a two-step confirmation with a PIN code. In that case, the user must enter an email and XpressU sends a code that the user must verify before starting. Furthermore, the Presentation can use Lock to domain. For example, if you want only people with an email address from '' to access the Presentation.

Downloadable You can allow recipients to download the Presentation for offline viewing.

📢Please note: Questionnaires require an internet connection and YouTube downloads are not allowed.

Allow zoom gesture on mobile . The presentations are normally best viewed in a static state. But some text can be hard to read on a mobile. So give the users the opportunity to zoom in on the frames in the presentation

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