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Can't log into Xpressu
Can't log into Xpressu
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There may be several reasons why you cannot log in.

  • If you have run a trial version of XpressU and it has expired. In that case, write to us at support@xpressu.dk to talk about extending your trial version, starting a paid version or closing your account

  • Your user may have been made inactive by another user who has access to the CMS. Contact your person responsible for the organization's XpressU account

  • There can only be 1 profile logged in on 1 computer. If someone has found your login information, please contact us at support@xpressu.dk.

If it is not one of the above situations, you can try resetting your password.

You are always welcome to contact us on the chat or at support@xpressu.dk

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