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What is the Library in XpressU
What is the Library in XpressU

The Libary stores all your Media and Presentation in a nice overview

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The library is your overview of your Presentations, Media and Contacts.


A presentation is a collection of media in a timeline. When you save, XpressU places the presentation in the Library under the Presentations tab.​

If you have many presentations, you can filter them.

Either by searching the title, or by using the 3 sharing filters:
Mine: Presentations that are only in your XpressU Library
Shared by me: Presentations that you have shared with others within your XpressU account. You can edit these Presentations.
Shared to me: Presentations others have shared with you within your XpressU account. You cannot edit these Presentations.


You can view the overview as icons (1) or as a list (2)

and can sort them Alphabetically ( 3 ) or by Date ( 4 ).

Icons (Thumb view) ​

Liste (Liste view)


The Library for your Media works in exactly the same way as Presentations in terms of Sharing and Sorting. Media also has a sub-menu that divides the media into Types

Film/Video. All films/videos that are uploaded are converted to an internet optimized format

YouTube, insert a link to a YouTube film. (embed)

Film clips are small excerpts of the existing films

PowerPoint, Word, Excel & PDF upload a PowerPoint and get the option to mix each individual page with the other media

Images, images can be JPEG, PNG and GIF

Questionnaire Create a survey or multiple choice and get feedback from your users.

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