Salesforce Integration

Use Zaplify's Salesforce integration to sync your data between Zaplify and your CRM.

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Connection and setup


Go to our integrations view to start setting up Salesforce:

  1. Click "Connect" under Salesforce

  2. After clicking "Connect", a popup will open where you can select to setup Salesforce in a "Sandbox" or "Production" environment. Sandbox is for testing purposes, most should choose "Production".

  3. Click continue, you will be directed to the Salesforce login page

  4. A login screen will appear asking you to sign in to your CRM. The system will not ask for your credentials if you are already logged in

  5. You will be redirected back to Salesforce field mapping view in Zaplify

Field mapping

The field mapping view is where the user that is integrating Salesforce decides which Zaplify prospect field that should be mapped to which Salesforce Lead/Contact/Account field. The user also decides whether they want prospects to appear as Leads or Contacts+Accounts in Salesforce.

Map Zaplify fields to your desired Salesforce fields. Each field can be changed to a different field on your Salesforce side. The chosen fields allow you to determine which Salesforce field will get enriched by Zaplify.

If there are any missing fields in Salesforce: Create the fields in Salesforce, refresh Zaplify, and the fields will show up.


On the right side of the screen, you have the configuration view. Turn on/off each switch to your desired configuration.

  • An On/Off switch, deciding whether prospect data should be synced between Zaplify and Salesforce or not.

  • An On/Off switch, deciding whether sent emails and executed LinkedIn touchpoints in Zaplify should sync to Salesforce as activities or not.

  • An On/Off switch, deciding whether activities that are being synced should include the contents of the messages sent by the Zaplify user.


When a prospect is purchased in Zaplify it is synced to Salesforce (if the settings-switch for this has been turned on). The synchronisation mechanism will first try to find a matching Lead/Contact/Account in Salesforce and connect the Zaplify prospect with that if it exists. If the entity couldn’t be found in Salesforce, Zaplify will create a new Lead/Contact/Account in Salesforce. The prospects are synced one by one and in respect to API rate limits or quotas that Salesforce Provides.

When a contact is synced to Salesforce the Zaplify integration will assign the owner in Salesforce based on the email address in Zaplify. If Zaplify finds a Salesforce user with the same email address as the user that has chosen a prospect in Zaplify, it will be the same user that becomes owner in Salesforce. If Zaplify doesn’t find a matching user, the Lead/Contact/Account will be created without an owner.

Prospect Search

Zaplify synchronizes results from prospect searches to Salesforce, to check if a lead/contact/account in the results already exists in Salesforce. If a lead/contact/account exists, it will have a black circle with a Salesforce logo next to its name. If a lead/contact/account doesn't exist, it will have a grey Salesforce logo next to its name.


When a prospect has been added to a Zaplify campaign and outreach is ongoing, each touchpoint sent to the prospect during the outreach will be synced to Salesforce and appear as a completed activity (if the settings switch to do so has been switched On).

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