Upsales integration

Use Zaplify's Upsales integration to sync your data between Zaplify and your CRM.

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Connection and setup


Go to our integrations view to start setting up Upsales:

  • Click "Connect" under Upsales

  • After clicking "Connect", you will be directed to the Upsales integration activation page. Click "Activate".

  • Click "Sign in with Zaplify"

  • Click "Accept terms"

  • Click "Save". The setup is now finished - Go back to Zaplify to configure the Upsales integration.

Integration settings

Field mapping

Under the Field mapping view, you will be presented with 2 types of records:

  • Prospect/Contact

  • Company

Map Zaplify fields to your desired Upsales fields. Each field can be changed to a different field on your Upsales side. The chosen fields allow you to determine which Upsales field will get enriched by Zaplify.

We recommend creating new fields for LinkedIn URL, prospect status, and campaign name. location, but you can choose whichever field you like. Do this either on prospect or company fields.


On the right side of the screen, you have the configuration view. Turn on/off each switch to your desired configuration.

  • 1st switch - Synchronize prospects you add to your Zaplify campaigns to Upsales

  • 2nd switch - Synchronize touchpoints sent from Zaplify to the persons in Upsales

  • 3rd switch - Include copywriting from the Zaplify touchpoints in the logs created by Zaplify


When a prospect is purchased in Zaplify it is synced to Upsales (if the settings switch for this has been turned on). The synchronization mechanism will first try to find a matching Person/Organization in Upsales and connect the Zaplify prospect with that if it exists. If the entity couldn’t be found in Upsales, Zaplify will create a new Person/Organization in Upsales.

When a contact is synced to Upsales the Zaplify integration will assign the owner in Upsales based on the email address in Zaplify. If Zaplify finds an Upsales user with the same email address as the user that has chosen a prospect in Zaplify, it will be the same user that becomes an owner in Upsales. If Zaplify doesn’t find a matching user, the Person/Organization will be created without an owner.

By default, all Zaplify actions are set as "To Do" in Upsales as they are tasks that Zaplify will perform. However, for legacy accounts in Upsales, the user must select which type of action from their Upsales should be set as default. Read more about which type of actions you can set in Upsales here.

Prospect Search

Zaplify synchronizes results from prospect searches to Upsales, to check if a prospect/company in the results already exists in Upsales. If a prospect/company exists, it will have a black circle with an Upsales logo next to its name. If a prospect/company doesn't exist, it will have a grey Upsales logo next to its name.

Prospect Management

Easily go to a contact in Upsales by clicking on a prospect in prospect management, and click "View in Upsales" through the detailed prospect view.

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