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LinkedIn limitations and subscription
LinkedIn limitations and subscription

Are there any limitations to LinkedIn outreach? Is a LinkedIn subscription required?

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LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful platform for networking and building professional connections. With automated LinkedIn outreach, you can take your networking efforts to the next level by reaching out to potential connections at scale. In this article, we'll explain some important limitations you should be aware of. With Zaplify, you can always be sure that your outreach quantity is automatically aligned with LinkedIn's recommendations.

What are the LinkedIn Outreach limitations?

It's important to note that LinkedIn has some limitations on how many connection requests you can send per month, depending on whether you have a free or premium LinkedIn account. As mentioned, Zaplify will automatically align to these limitations.

  • With a premium LinkedIn account, you can send up to 400 connection requests per month. Zaplify will limit the outreach to 300 connection requests per month so there's some headroom for making connection requests on your own.

  • LinkedIn Free has a limit of 10 connection requests with a personalized message per month, with a maximum of 200 characters in the message. Without the message in the connection request, you are allowed to send more. Zaplify will limit users to only sending connection requests without a message to avoid LinkedIn limits.

These limitations are in place to prevent spamming and ensure that LinkedIn remains a platform for authentic networking and professional connections.

What subscription is required?

To increase the LinkedIn outreach speed to 300 connection requests per month and add personalized messages, all premium LinkedIn subscriptions are equally sufficient. The cheapest plan is the LinkedIn Career subscription.

Updated your LinkedIn Subscription

If you have updated your LinkedIn subscription to a paying plan and Zaplfiy has not immediately detected it, please go to the PopUp where it says your campaign is slowed down. Click "I have activated LinkedIn Premium" and Zaplify will update your account.


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