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LinkedIn and Email outreach Limits
LinkedIn and Email outreach Limits

Here you can read about Zaplifys outreach limits and how many LinkedIn and Emails our system can send out everyday.

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When planning to use our product for your email and LinkedIn campaigns, it's important to understand how the outreach in Zaplify works. This guide provides essential details and recommendations to help you effectively use our product to reach your prospects.

Outreach limits for Contacting via LinkedIn

For campaigns that involve contacting new or existing connections on LinkedIn, specific limits are enforced:

  • New Contacts: You can send approximately 15 contact requests per day, with a monthly limit of 300 (If you have a paying LinkedIn and Zaplify account)

  • Existing Contacts: The system can dispatch around 85 messages per day.

These limits are designed to comply with LinkedIn's usage policies and ensure your account remains in good standing.

Outreach limits for Contacting via Email

For email outreach, our system allows approximately 30 emails per hour. Please note that this is an approximation, and there is no guarantee that Zaplify will follow this exact number.

Time-sensitive campaigns

For time-sensitive campaigns, such as webinar invitations, start well in advance to ensure all messages are delivered on time. Our system will distribute the workload evenly across all ongoing campaigns.

Multiple campaign

When running multiple campaigns the outreach will be evenly divided between the campaigns. The amount of messages that are sent out will not increase because you have multiple campaigns

General Best Practices

  • Early Planning: Initiate campaigns well in advance, especially for events or promotions, to accommodate the system's ramp-up time and daily limits.

  • Understand the Tool’s Purpose: Remember, our tool is optimized for lead generation rather than high-speed marketing outreach. This focus means that knowing the exact speed of email delivery might be less critical.

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