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Get help with how to connect to LinkedIn to start your LinkedIn outreach through Zaplify

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We recommend all our users do outreach through both LinkedIn and email to get the best results. We've seen an increase of over 200% in reply rates when comparing single-channel outreach to multi-channel. With that said, let's guide you through how to connect it!

Step-by-step guide

Step 1. Create or edit a campaign and go to the workflow. Choose a template that contains LinkedIn outreach (blue icons).

Step 2. Click on Connect LinkedIn
โ€‹Step 3. Download our Chrome extension and add the extension that pops up in a new tab

Step 4. Go back to Zaplify and click on Connect LinkedIn. Make sure to be logged in to LinkedIn on the same browser.

Step 5. Wait until the loading is done. This can take a minute.

Psst! Make sure that you have a Premium LinkedIn subscription in order to get full speed on your campaigns.

Now you are all set up to move on to the next step: Integrate your CRM with Zaplify!

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