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How do our top performers use Zaplify?
How do our top performers use Zaplify?

Here you will learn how our top performing clients work to maximize the value of Zaplify

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Zaplify is a powerful sales platform that streamlines lead generation and outreach, saving you valuable time. However, to fully leverage its potential, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. In this article, we will explore how you can incorporate Zaplify into your everyday work routine and optimize your results.

How do I incorporate Zaplify in my everyday work?

Recognize that working with Zaplify is just one of the many tasks on your weekly agenda. To ensure consistent usage, schedule dedicated time in your calendar for Zaplify-related activities. Focus on three main areas: adding prospects, crafting content, and analyzing campaign performance. Additionally, don't forget to follow up on conversations initiated through Zaplify.

Adding Prospects

Decide whether you prefer unlocking all prospects at once or gradually throughout the month. Whichever approach you choose, allocate specific time slots for this task to ensure that Zaplify continuously operates in the background. Set monthly goals for prospect unlocking; for optimal results, aim to unlock around 300 prospects per month for LinkedIn and Email campaigns.

Crafting Compelling Content

During the initial 1-3 months, invest time in creating and refining your content strategy. Utilize Zaplify's AI Copy Generating feature to generate drafts quickly. Allocate 30-60 minutes to craft the content for your first campaign. Create a general version that can serve as a template for future campaigns. Seek feedback from colleagues and ask your manager if the content resonates with them. Remember, compelling copy is vital for generating fruitful conversations.

Analyzing and Optimizing Campaigns

Continuous improvement is key. During the first three months, regularly iterate on your content based on acceptance rates for LinkedIn connection requests, reply rates, and the quality of responses. Utilize Zaplify's statistics feature to review your campaign's performance and evaluate the reply rates for each touchpoint. Aim for an overall reply rate above 20%, with exceptional campaigns achieving rates exceeding 30%. Additionally, strive to have at least 25% acceptance of your connection requests. If you fall short of these benchmarks, consider refining your content with the help of our Copy Guidelines. Analyze your campaign results approximately four weeks after creating a campaign, ideally, as a team to benefit from diverse insights

Follow up on started conversations

Allocate 15 minutes each day to respond promptly to prospects who have replied to your emails or LinkedIn messages. While responding to emails may already be part of your routine, timely replies to LinkedIn messages are crucial. Responding on the same day maximizes conversion chances, as delayed replies may result in prospects losing interest.

Pro Tips: Calling Prospects

If your goal with Zaplify is to book meetings or secure sign-ups, consider calling your prospects once the campaign is finished. Users have experienced up to three times more meeting bookings by calling prospects after completing the sequence. With a reply rate of 30%, there remains a substantial 70% who haven't responded but haven't expressed disinterest either. By contacting these warm prospects, who are likely familiar with your service, you can significantly increase meeting bookings. Schedule time for this important follow-up activity.


Becoming a Zaplify Pro requires dedicating time to work with the platform and engage with your prospects. Despite initial reservations about time constraints, consider the substantial time savings Zaplify offers compared to traditional prospecting and outreach methods. Once you commit to setting aside time for Zaplify and your prospects, you'll witness the positive results it brings to your sales efforts.

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