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Manage your subscription
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Upgrading from Free to Paid

When upgrading from Free to any paid plan, Zaplify will attempt to collect the payment from your credit card and upgrade your plan.

Your new subscription starts immediately and renews every month or year, depending on your chosen billing cycle.

Switching Between Paid Plans

An "upgrade" occurs when you move from one existing paid plan to a new paid plan with more credits.

When performing an upgrade you receive the new seats immediately, and also get to choose how many credits you want to buy immediately. Note that these credits that you choose to buy immediately will expire on your next renewal.

At each renewal date, your subscription will continue to renew on the new paid plan that you chose. You can see the renewal date in the order confirmation before proceeding with the upgrade.


A "downgrade" occurs when you move from one existing paid plan to a different plan (free or paid) with fewer credits.

At the time you decide to downgrade your plan, you will lose access to the extra seats from your current plan, but you will get to keep your existing credits until the next renewal when the credits expire.


A "cancellation" means downgrading from paid to free (see Downgrading above)

Account removal

To delete your subscription and account completely, please contact


If you are a non-Swedish European customer, you can avoid the VAT charge by adding your VAT number to your billing info. All invoices generated after you add your VAT number will be generated without VAT.

It is unfortunately not possible to make any retroactive corrections for VAT.

Billing term changes

A subscription change from Monthly to Annual will always take immediate effect. A Payment is issued and the credits and seats from the new annual plan will be applied to your account immediately. Any existing credits will be lost, so make sure to use all of your credits before upgrading.

A subscription change from Annual to Monthly is always scheduled for the end of your current billing period (next renewal). That means you will have access to your Annual plan, seats, and credits until the next renewal, when the plan is changed to Monthly at the renewal, at whichever new plan you have chosen.

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