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Which Zaplify pricing plan should I choose?
Which Zaplify pricing plan should I choose?
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Users and Credits

Choosing the right Zaplify package boils down to two main factors: the number of users and the credits needed.

In Zaplify, credits, not users, determine your payment. All users share purchased credits, but each package has a maximum user limit to maintain maximum value.

With LinkedIn Premium, each user can connect with up to 300 prospects monthly. Zaplify prioritizes efficiency and control, not automatic meetings. Top users engage at least 200-300 prospects monthly.

For instance, if you have five users, you'll need a minimum of 1000 credits monthly, aligning with our Premium packages.

Extra help and strategic guidance in the App

In addition to users and credits, think about extra support. Our Premium plans include a dedicated Customer Success Manager for strategic guidance. While it's automatically included in our Premium packages, you can also add it for an extra cost in the Starter packages.

Monthly or Yearly subscription

Now, the big decision: monthly or yearly subscription? Choosing the yearly plan not only grants upfront credits, ensuring flexibility without monthly credit loss but also offers a 25% discount on yearly credits. Even if you exhaust them in three months, you can purchase more at the same discounted rate, prolonging credit validity and maintaining flexibility without a monthly credit loss.

Note - If you would like to customize your subscription, like opting for invoicing, contact sales to set up an enterprise subscription

Guide example when deciding package

  1. Number of Users - 2 users to begin with

  2. Credits needed - based on recommendation of at least 200 prospects / monthly / user --> 200 credits x 2 users = at least 400 credits.

  3. Strategic guidance - Yes!

  4. Monthly or Yearly Subscription - Want flexibility in app. Used credits will most likely fluctuate from month to month.
    ​Recommendation ➑ If you prefer flexibility in the app and expect fluctuating credit usage each month, the recommended choice is the Premium plan with 500 credits/monthly. It includes Customer Success and opting for a yearly subscription provides added flexibility.

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