When requesting a payout, our system may prompt you to provide documentation of your continued employment or assignment. Your document must be dated, show your full name and the detail of work completed in the current pay period.

If you are unsure of what dates to use, the easiest way to remember is to use the schedule that shows the current week (which would include the same date as the payout).

Acceptable Documents include:

Hourly Employees --

  • Official Timesheet (paper or electronic) showing your completed work hours

  • Screenshot of electronic time submissions of completed work

  • Shift schedule showing completed dates of work

  • Photo of punchcard with completed dates of work

  • Photo of punch clock with clearly visible ID held next to it with completed dates of work

  • Photo of punch clock and punch card with completed dates of work

Independent Contractors --

  • Recent Driver Settlement report showing your completed work

  • Photo of job manifest showing your completed work

  • Screenshot of jobs completed in the current period

Please go here for more details on how to upload your proof of work documents, including uploading more than one document.

Once received, our team will work diligently to review your documents. Since these documents must be manually reviewed by one of our team members, please allow up to 12 hours for processing.

Note: The documentation provided must display dates of work within the current period. Future-dated documentation will not be accepted. Paystubs and Settlement Details will also not be accepted. Failure to meet the criteria presented above may result in rejection. Since ZayZoon provides access to earned wages, this information will allow for us to offer you access to funds. 

If you're unable to provide a document proving your continued employment or assignments, regrettably, we will not be able to approve payouts at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Customer Success Team by Live Chat or Email.

**The process and criteria may be different for some employers or contracting companies. There are circumstances in which the above criteria does not apply and/or you may be asked to provide alternative documentation, for example, a paystub to confirm your previous pay period.

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