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Why is my payout showing as "Disbursal failed"?
Why is my payout showing as "Disbursal failed"?

My payout status is Dispersal Failed. What does that mean?

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If your payout status reflects as Disbursal Failed, that means the transaction was unsuccessful and the funds could not be deposited to the desired Wallet.

If your disbursal fails, ZayZoon will cancel the request within an hour during our business hours or when we return the next day. The funds will be returned to your ZayZoon Wages Available balance and you'll be able to try again. If there is a problem with the disbursal Wallet you're using, the Wallet might be disabled at the time your disbursal fails. Common issues may be that your card is locked or expired.

You may also need to contact your card issuer or bank for more information.

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