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KYC Levels, Requirements, and Limitations
KYC Levels, Requirements, and Limitations

This article covers the different Bitnob KYC levels, the requirements, limitations, and the access each level gives to you.

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Upon signing up with a successful Phone number and Email verification, you would be required to verify your identity to perform transactions on the app.

KYC Access and Limits -

  • KYC Verification allows you to process up to $5,000 daily transactions.

  • You can withdraw from your Bitnob app at any time

  • You can make a deposit on the app

KYC Limits -

You currently do not have any limits when you have completed your KYC. You can transact within the allowed threshold.

KYC Requirements:

To verify your identity on the app, you need to provide the following:

  • Your personal information.

  • Your residential details.

  • A live capturing of any regulated means of Identification.

  • A selfie capturing of your face.

Means of identification include an International passport, Driver's license, Residence permit, and Visa. As a Nigerian, you can also use your NIN as a means of identification.

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