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How to create an Activity
How to create an Activity

What is an Activity and How to create an Activity?

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What is an Activity?

OnRent has a built in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This means you can track quotations, add prospects or customers and create activities to manage your customers and prospects.

Activities are actions such as emails, phone calls, meetings and more. Using activities helps you and your company understand all the communication your company has had with each customer or prospective customer. 

Activities are also a way of setting reminders or to-dos for yourself or for your colleagues. 

Completed activities stay on your system for your reference, leaving you with a full trail of any activity regarding a customer, colleague, or opportunity. This provides insight into your business operations and improves your level of service.

Create an Activity

To create an activity, go to Activities in your Navigation Bar and select Activities. You can select Add Activity in the top right. 

You can then add in the following details:  

  • Subject -This can be the theme, subject matter, topic, issue that the Activity refers to. 

  • Description - This can be further details relating to the Subject

  • Start Date - This is the start date of the meeting or call

  • End Date - This is the intended end date of the meeting or call 

  • Duration - This is how long the activity will be in duration 

  • Recurrences - This is to add a recurring event into your calendar, for example a weekly sales meeting.  When you select the recurrences to be yes, the following screen will appear for you to select your preferences:


  • Regarding - If you’re activity is regarding a Account or Contact you can assign them to the activity

  • Owner - This is the User who the Activity is for, you can assign other users or yourself 

  • State - Open and Complete define whether the activity has been completed or not yet complete, this is a list of values you can assign your own list to 

  • Type - This is the type of activity, this is a list of values you can assign your own Type to

  • Status - This is the status of the activity, this is a list of values you can assign your own Status to

  • Priority - This is the level of importance, this is a list of values you can assign your own Priority levels to

  • Direction - This is the direction of the activity, there are two options:

    • Outgoing – This is the direction if you are contacting the customer/prospect 

    • Incoming – This is the direction if a customer/prospect is contacting you  

Additional Info

  • Location - This is the location of the activity 

  • Activity Location - You can assign a Place here as the activity address 

  • Project - If the Activity relates to a Project you can assign this here

  • Participants - If you require participants to be involved, you can specify what type of involvement they have

  • Recipient - You can then add in the participants by selecting the type of participant. The types are: 

    • Account

    • Contact

    • User

Once you have selected the participant type, you can then search for them in the search bar to add them into the activity. You can add multiple participants of all types. 

Keep track of your activities 

There are a few ways you can keep track of your activities;  

  • Create Bespoke Custom Views and Dashboards to manage Activities

  • Your Calendar will show you all your Activities across a date range 

  • Check out your Timeline to see upcoming activities

Note: To access your timeline click the list icon next to Add Activity.

Edit & Delete Activities 

To edit activities, go to Activities in your Navigation Bar and select Activities, click the Activity that you’d like to edit in the list, this will take you to the overview page, you can click the pencil to make any changes. 

You can delete activities too. You cannot delete them when the activity is set to complete. To delete the activity, click the Bin icon and it will pop up a menu to ensure you are happy to delete this activity, simply say yes if you are! 

Do you need help? Start a conversation using the Blue help bubble in the bottom right corner.

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