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3️⃣ Add stock items
3️⃣ Add stock items

Learn how to add stock items to products in OnRent. Part 3 of our Quick Start collection.

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You've added products and now you can add stock items! Stock items are your physical assets and this could be the quantity of your bulk stock or individually serialised equipment.

📦 Add a stock item

Head to a product page and click Add Stock Item to begin.

You'll see the 'Add Stock Item' screen.

Key details

  • Item Number

    The unique item number that is used to identify this equipment. This could be a specific plant number, a vehicle registration or the name you've given the equipment.

  • Stock Type

    Is this a rental or sale item?

  • Off Rent Status

    Does this item need checking over or servicing after it is off-hired? Change this to Service and we will make this product unavailable after every rental. Learn more about unavailable items: What are Unavailable Items?

  • Effective Date

    This is the date from which your products will be available to rent or sell from within your system.

  • Opening Balance

    Only for bulk stock items. This is the quantity of bulk stock you hold, 100 x Cutting Discs for example.

For an in-depth look at creating a stock item, check out our guide: How to Create a Stock Item

📄 Want to upload your stock items via a spreadsheet?

For larger inventories, you might want to import stock items using a spreadsheet.

If you do feel this would be a more appropriate option for you, check out our guide: Importing and Exporting Data

✅ Next Steps

Now you've got the hang of products and stock items, you might want to take a look at linking products together with accessories. Click the link below to learn more!

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