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Manage what you share with Partners
Manage what you share with Partners

How to set the right restrictions for each of your partners.

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Data source settings can only be accessed by Admin users

Partner-sharing settings can only be modified by Partnership Manager and Admin users.

You can manage what you share in your Data source settings or your individual Partner settings.

Make accounts private for all partners

☝️ These rules apply to all your partners, indifferently.

Thanks to Reveal's Rules Engine, you can tell Reveal which accounts in your CRM need to remain private. These accounts won't be shared with any of your partners under any circumstances.

Customise sharing for each partnership

☝️ Learn how to set partner-specific sharing settings.

Grant access

Once you become partners with another company, you can start sharing your data through Account Mapping. You will have to send an invitation to your partner, and your partner will have to accept your invitation for both of you to see the Account Mapping. Account Mapping is where you can see the data processed by Reveal from both your CRMs. This is one of Reveal's four pillars! The more Account Mappings, the better!

Revoke access

In case of any later changes to your partnership and you no longer want to grant a partner access to your data as before, no problem, you can revoke access to your Account Mapping for that specific partner in the Partner settings.

Customise what data is shared

There are multiple filters that can apply to your data. With these filters, you choose which data your partner won't see. Conversely, you will see only the data your partner accepted to share with you.

In the 'Field Sharing' section:

  • Customise how Account Owner data is displayed.

  • Customise how your Open opportunity / Open deal data is displayed.

You can also choose which imported custom fields you'd like to share with this partner (based on what custom fields you have imported when you connected your Data Source).

Restricted accounts

You may not want to share ALL your accounts with a specific partner.

So use this section in your Partner settings to define restricted accounts that a specific partner’s will not have access to.

Restricted accounts can be configured differently from one partner to another, ensuring control over what you share and avoiding partner / channel conflict.

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