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What happens when I favorite a partner? How do I favorite a partner? Why should I favorite my partners on Reveal?

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If you are new to Reveal, and have started to add partners and explore some of the functionality of the platform, you may have noticed a little "heart" button on your partnership tiles on your partner page, all the way over on the right hand side between the partnership owner and partnership settings wheel icon.

But what does that little heart icon do exactly?

When you "favorite" a partnership, much more happens than just filling in the heart icon next to your partner's name.

"Favorited" Partners will appear at the top of the list in your weekly digest email every Friday, containing the latest updates on new open opportunities, prospects without open opportunities, and new joint customers, keeping you up-to-date on any and all ecosystem developments that occur involving these partners.

If you have many partners on Reveal, "Favoriting" partners is an excellent way to cut through the noise of updates from your entire ecosystem, and to prioritize the ones that matter most to you!

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