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Displaying and Sharing Opportunities

How to set up your opportunities on Reveal

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You can see opportunity information under the 'Open deals' column in your Partner Account Mapping or 360° Goals.

There are three default fields visible only to you and not your partners, unless you enable sharing in your Partner Settings. The default fields are Amount, Deal Stage, and Close date.

Define how Reveal should identify Open opportunities

Go into your Data source settings > 'Open opportunities' tab. From here you can input the rules and parameters for how Reveal should identify open opportunities from your CRM.

Set how opportunity data will be displayed

In your Account Mapping, there are always 3 fields shown by default: Amount, Deal Stage, and Close date. These fields are visible only to you.

To display more opportunity data you can add them in the Data source settings > 'Open opportunities' tab > Opportunity display.

Can't see a field you're looking for? Click on the dropdown menu option to bring you to the 'Custom fields' tab. If you're an admin - select the fields you want to import. Otherwise you can place a request to your Reveal admin.

Share opportunity data with partners

When you've decided the opportunity data to display for users of your workspace, you can share them with partners in your joint account mapping.

By default your partners will only see a green check mark where there are open opportunities within your accounts and they are only able to see more information if you enable sharing. This is the same both ways. You can only see your partner's opportunity information if they have set up sharing with you in their Partner Settings.

To set up sharing with Partners. Go into your Partner Settings for that specific partner.

Here's another article that explains this in greater detail!

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