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Learn how to use Reveal to increase your pipeline with new leads, deals and opportunities

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One of the great things about Nearbound is the possibility of sourcing new deals and opportunities with accounts that are in your ecosystem and might be more than qualified for your company... however you might just not now about them yet.

With Reveal, there are a few things you can do to find the best accounts for your Marketing and Sales team to work with and add them to your Pipeline. Let's check them:

Account Overlaps

When doing account mapping at Reveal, you're able to check your account overlaps with your partner's accounts. This means, all of the accounts that exist in your data source and their data source too.

Featuring shortcuts, you can easily access your list of common opportunities or prospects of yours that are already their customers. You can prioritize them in your Pipeline of add them to it.

New Prospects

Part of the account mapping is seeing the New Prospects. This tool at Reveal enables you to see your partner's customers that are not yet in your data source.

Easily better qualified leads as they are already customers of your partner and might adopt your solution as well.

360° Mapping

At Reveal, you can use 360° Mapping to find your partner presence in accounts that already exist in your data source.

This means that you can sort your accounts and look for the ones that are already customers of partners of your and that your partners might have open opportunities with. Not like individual account mapping, here you can have a global view of your accounts and how they relate to your partners.

Saved Views

All of the tools above can be used with Saved Views. We know that you might have a long list of accounts to check, so we offer you the possibility of adding filters and sorting them accordingly.

When often using filters, you might want to have a shortcut without needing to add new filters every now and then. You can use saved views and pin them to your favorite views.


You can also refer accounts to your partners and ask them to do the same. It's important to give to get as well.

When referring accounts, you can pick them up from account mapping and 360° Mapping and send them to a specific partner. If a partner refer accounts to you, you'll get a notification by email and within the platform so you can accept them.


To manage specific accounts, for example the referrals from your partner, you can use the Pipeline tool from Reveal. You probably have a Pipeline in your CRM but you can combine both.

The Pipeline from Reveal will allow you to put accounts in it and follow their progress. You can also share your Pipeline with partners so they can see the leads, opportunities and deals you're working on and that are relevant for them. Collaboration in real-time!

Connect with New Partners

Finally, to generate new leads and pipeline, one last tip is to connect with new partners.

Besides the partners you already have, Reveal allows you to source new partners within our Directory. You'll find in it all of the companies registered to Reveal and you can send invitations to them from there.

If you have any questions or need any help, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team on chat on the right or 😃

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