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Weekly Digest to non-Reveal users
Weekly Digest to non-Reveal users
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Note: this can only be configured by Admin users, and is currently limited to Salesforce CRM users.


For a Sales professional, receiving regular partnership updates for their accounts is invaluable. These updates give timely insights on which accounts:

  • Became a new Customer of Partner

  • Have a new open Opportunity with a Partner

  • Became a new Prospect of a Partner

  • Became a new common Customer with a Partner.

Previously, Reveal users with the Sales user permission received these email updates every week for their accounts. However, with our recent update, company Admins can now send these email updates to non-Reveal users as well. This means that everyone on the Sales team can stay informed, and up-to-date, and drive revenue regardless of whether or not they are a user on Reveal.
The weekly digest will include:

  • New partner overlaps identified on owned accounts and recommended partners to request an intro from (we're only displaying partners where you've enabled get intro, for any partners where you turned off get intro, they will not appear in the weekly digest)

  • CTA - 1 - to request an intro directly from the email (follows the routing rules you set up in your partner settings) 2 - see record in CRM > goes to the account and they can request an intro from the widget as per usual

  • The email WILL NOT direct your team to the Reveal platform

How to set it up

Note: Non-Reveal users will only receive updates on their portfolio

of accounts if there is a Partner update in the last week.

Their portfolio is defined as accounts where they are listed

as the account owner in their CRM.

Note: As of January 2023, this feature is only available

for companies using Salesforce as their CRM.

To set this up, workspace Admins can simply navigate to:

Step 1: Workspace Admins navigate to Account Settings:

Step 2: Go to the Notifications tab:

Step 3: Select the CRM fields from your Salesforce to define which users you want to send updates to:

We recommend the following settings:

How can I disable it?

Simply disable the toggle for Sales Weekly Digest on the page:

How can my team leverage it?

Premium accounts: Your sales reps will be notified once a week on the accounts they own of any partner update.

They will have the Get intro button to click on if they need to take action on this account. Clicking on Get Intro will trigger an intro request to a partner with no possibility to personalize or add a message.

Intrigued? Contact us to learn more.

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