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Recommended Partners - Sales Weekly Digest
Recommended Partners - Sales Weekly Digest

Find partners that will help you generate revenue on your accounts

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The Sales Weekly Digest is a recurrent email sent to Sales users on Reveal, or account owners in your CRM that don't have a Reveal license (more details here). This email is sent out every Friday to help Sales reps identify accounts they should focus on to either source or influence revenue using partner insights. Our ultimate goal is to make these emails actionable and relevant for you.

So in this very spirit of making your life easier, a new solution has arisen: Recommended Partners.


The feature does exactly what its title promises: we list accounts that you can create or close deals on, and for each account we recommend a partner that can help you with insights or an introduction.


So how exactly does it work?

You can export all the Weekly Digest updates as an Excel file from the email. Click the button "Open my weekly report", and the document will be downloaded

How does Reveal identify the best partners for me?

To define the partner that best suits your needs for each account, we have developed an algorithm that factors a wide range of information. These can include:

  • The number of common customers between you and the partner

  • How long the partner has had the account as a customer; when making recommendations, retained customers are prioritised over newly signed accounts

  • The persona overlap

  • The number of sourced and influenced opportunities with the partner (learn more about how to set this up with our tracking rules)

  • How closely your partnership team collaborates with the Partner through Slack, the widget or Pipeline

The algorithm then digests this data into a ranking of the best partners for that account.

N.B. This list of recommended partners is recomputed on a weekly basis, or anytime there's new activity within a partnership.

Where can I see these recommended partners?

You can find these recommendations in our Sales Weekly Digest. There we list the accounts you should focus on, highlighting the partners that could help you with insights, intel or an introduction.

This is a new functionality, that will soon be applied to other features. Examples include the CRM widget, as well as other segments within the Reveal platform.

Want to learn more about our partner recommendations and how to leverage the Sales Weekly Digest?

Book a call with the Reveal team, by clicking on the link below.

Stay tuned for more exciting applications!

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