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PartnerStack integration (setup and how-to guide)
PartnerStack integration (setup and how-to guide)
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Note: For Admins and Partnership Managers only.


The Reveal + PartnerStack integration brings together the best way to find high-value leads that you share with partners, with the best way to track and reward partners for turning those leads into paying customers.

Before this integration, there was no easy way to track the progress of leads pulled from account mapping tools like Reveal, or to calculate rewards and pay partners when those leads close. It all had to be done manually.

You will need the following prerequisites to use this integration:

PartnerStack Lead Module (confirm with your CSM at PartnerStack).

PartnerStack Integration enabled on Reveal (confirm with your CSM at Reveal).

Note: You will need at least one partner connected on both Reveal and PartnerStack.

How you can use it

With the Reveal + PartnerStack integration, you can:

  • Use Reveal's account mapping to find leads you already share with partners.

  • Send a lead directly to PartnerStack with a few clicks inside Reveal.

  • Track the registered lead in PartnerStack and automatically reward partners when it closes.

How to set it up

Once you have all the prerequisites, setup is just 2 simple steps, here’s how you can do it:

Step 1:

On Reveal’s integrations page, click “Connect” under PartnerStack.

Step 2:

After being redirected to PartnerStack’s website, grant Reveal permission to access PartnerStack.

That’s it! Reveal has now been successfully connected to your PartnerStack account.

How-to guide

Note: The integration allows your partners to submit leads to you, directly from the Reveal UI, via the PartnerStack API.

Note: In the screenshots below, you work for a company called Levenue, who are a Vendor (PartnerStack customer and Reveal customer), and your data has a purple bar above it. You are the receiver of the lead.

Your partner is the Partner (PartnerStack and Reveal user), and their data has a green bar above it. They are the submitter of the lead.

  1. Ask your partner to navigate to your partnership's Account Mapping view in Reveal.

  2. In this example, we want the Partner to help us with an introduction to a key stakeholder at Johnson Bank (Account), so the Partner selects that account.

  3. The Partner clicks ‘Action’ and then clicks ‘Refer to Levenue via PartnerStack’.

  4. The Partner fills in the Lead Submission form with the contact details for the Account, and clicks ‘Refer Lead to Levenue’.

  5. Go to your Active Leads in PartnerStack. The lead now appears in your PartnerStack account as a referred lead, and you can choose to 'Qualify' or 'Unqualify' based on your own processes.


  1. Why can’t my partner submit a lead to me from Reveal?

    To ensure your partner can send a lead to PartnerStack from Reveal, make sure that:

    • Verify if you have identified their company as your partner in your PartnerStack account.

    • Verify if you have connected your PartnerStack account to Reveal from the integrations page.

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