Manage partner overlaps synced to Salesforce

Manage which partner overlaps are synced from Reveal back into your Salesforce custom objects.

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πŸ”’ Note: This feature is available exclusively for Power plan users with Reveal's Salesforce package.

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On Reveal's Power plan in Salesforce, you have access to Custom Objects and fields that allow you to identify overlaps with partners (learn more here). You can use this partner data to create reports, dashboards, workflows, and incorporate it into your lead scoring processes and with third party tools.

With overlap management, you can now decide which partner overlaps you wish to sync back into your Salesforce CRM. This allows you to do two main things:

  • Control what partner data is visible to your revenue team in Salesforce

  • Manage the amount of data that is synced to your Salesforce from Reveal: this is especially helpful when you have limited capacity for new data!

Which overlaps can I manage

From your data source:

  • My Prospects (with or without opportunities)

  • My Customers

  • My Partners

  • My Unlabeled accounts

You can configure a combination of overlaps using the four types listed above from your data source, with the below:

  • Partners' Customers

  • Partners' Opportunities (prospects with opportunities)

  • Partners' Prospects (prospects with no opportunities)

  • Partners' Unlabeled accounts

How does it work

On Reveal, workspace Admins can configure your overlap sync to Salesforce by following these steps:

  1. Access the Integrations tab

  2. Go to the Sync to CRM section and click Customize

  3. Select the Reveal Custom Object tab

  4. Choose which partners' data will go back into Salesforce by setting inclusion/exclusion filters with partner names and/or tags

  5. Access the section You can choose which overlaps to sync as Reveal Overlap records and select the overlap records you'd like to sync back into your Salesforce CRM:

  6. Don't forget to hit Save to register your configuration!

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