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How to connect SFDC Sandbox with Reveal

Here is a quick guide on some important aspects of connecting a Sandbox

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If you are a Reveal premium user and you would like to test the Salesforce integration before you connect it to your production environment you can do it by integrating the Sandbox on a test environment.

Here is some steps that you must keep in mind for the Sandbox implementation : -

Step 1 :-

Create a test workspace on Reveal and sign in to that workspace using Append "+" emails -

Step 2 :-

Invite your SFDC admins to this test workspace and connect your SFDC in it.

Step 3 : -

Ask your Services Manager to activate the paid features for your Sandbox environment.

Step 4 : -

Export a subset of accounts from your sandbox (account name, account status -prospects and customers and domains) that we'll use to create an offline Account mapping (It will be your dummy partner to check that data is well pushed back). OR Connect directly with your prod account.

Step 5 : -

Once this is done, follow the step by step process in the implementation deck attached using the link provided to you by your assigned Services Manager.

Step 6 : -

You are all set to go with the implementation of the Reveal data in your test environment.

Note that if you disconnect and reconnect your sandbox, we will need to manually relaunch the sync on our end.

Contact your Services Manager for any assistance that you need during the way.

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