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Connecting a Private Slack channel to Reveal
Connecting a Private Slack channel to Reveal

Steps on how to connect a Private Slack channel to Reveal so that you can send Get Intro requests from your CRM to this channel.

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πŸ’‘ Get Intro to Slack is a Premium feature that is available on all Pro and Power plans, using HubSpot and Salesforce as a CRM.


Get Intro to Slack is a better way to get your Sales team to request help on accounts, whilst allowing Partner Managers to maintain transparency and control with partners.

You can now connect both Public and Private Slack channels to Reveal.

You may have Slack Connect channels with partners that are kept Private, due to your partner relationship or because that's the way your company manages Slack channels in general. It is now possible to connect both Public and Private channels, so you are not limited to where your Get Intro requests are sent to.

How can I set it up?

To connect a Private Slack channel

The first thing to do is to connect Slack to your Reveal workspace: see how to do it here. Then you can add the Reveal app to your Private channel:

  1. Go to your Slack channel and click the channel name

  2. Go to Integrations

  3. Click on Add an App > search for Reveal > click Add

  4. Check the Reveal app is now in the channel

  5. In Reveal, the dropdown displaying available channels will be updated to include the channel/s where the Reveal Slack app was added. This can take a minute or two to update!

  6. Select the Slack channel to be added to your partnerships on Reveal:

    1. Go to the partner settings

    2. Select the Collaboration tab

    3. Choose the channel/s you'd like your Get Intro requests to go to for this partner

If you need any help with Get Intro to Slack on your workspace, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team on chat or πŸ˜ƒ

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