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Nearbound leads for your outbound prospecting

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Activate Nearbound leads in your outbound prospecting platform and increase sales conversion.

Deals that involve one or more partners have a 41% higher win rate and close 35% faster, with low cost per lead generation, and accurate ROI tracking.

Use cases

  • You can Trigger SalesLoft cadences based on Reveal data
    i.e. Prospect X becomes a Customer of Partner Y, trigger a cadence or ‘notification for a manual task’ to the SDR assigned to the account.

  • Use Reveal data to enrich Engagement score

    i.e. Pass through Multiplier data as a ‘Reveal score’ to combine with existing scoring methods that help prioritize accounts.

Use Reveal’s CRM App to enable data to flow across both platforms

From you Reveal to Hubspot to Salesloft

From you Reveal to Salesforce to Salesloft

Note : This is a premium feature contact us to unlock the full feature. 🔓

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