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Reveal x Slack Integration
Reveal x Slack Integration

Making your partner data actionable in your Slack app.

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You can push the critical data that you collect from the Reveal app of your high value prospects/target accounts that you are currently trying to close to the Slack app and make that real-time data actionable by getting the info to account owners when they need it most.

Use Case 1: Notify your A team

You can directly notify the account owner about an interesting opportunity and the partner presence around that opportunity by sending a Slack message with a single click to the account owner directly from the Reveal app.

Use Case 2: Live updates about key accounts

You can set up a Slack channel, push Reveal notifications into that channel, and track when your partner creates an opportunity or changes the account status of your target account.

Use Case 3: Act on hot leads directly in Slack

Gain introductions to your target accounts--understand the right time to request an introduction to an account via the relevant account owner by simply clicking on the introduce me button from your Reveal slack channel.

Also Here is a step-by-step guide on Activating the Reveal Slack integration.

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