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Learn how your Sales Development Representatives can use Reveal to qualify leads and get intel

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With Reveal, your SDRs can have visibility on your accounts and how they relate with your partners. More than that, they can even get new prospects to your company and start qualifying them. How? Let's see it!

Account Overlaps

First of all, in Account Mapping your SDRs will be able to work on account overlaps. This part will show all of the accounts present in both your data source and your partner's data source.

SDRs will then be able to apply filter and sort accounts as they want in order to find new opportunities for your company and start working on them. For example, they could look for Prospects that are Customers of your partner but don't have an open deal yet - looking for a new opportunity to start a deal:

New Prospects

New Prospects allow SDRs to have full visibility on your partner's customers that are not yet present in your data source. This is a goldmine of new qualified leads for them to qualify and get more intel.

And same thing, here they can still filter and sort the accounts based on ICPs. With Reveal's paid plans, they can even export the best accounts directly to Salesforce or a CSV.

360° Mapping

Finally, another tool within Reveal that can help SDRs in their jobs is 360° Mapping. With it, they have full visibility over all of accounts from their data source and how they connect with their company's ecosystem.

For example, they can find out if a company is already a customer of many of their partners, of if their partners already have open opportunities with them. They can also leverage partner signals to find accounts with revenue potential. Then, if there is not an open deal yet, they can start working on them.

Just like the rest of the Reveal platform, SDRs also have the ability to filter and sort the accounts in the 360° Mapping as well.

With Reveal data, SDRs can:

  • Customise pitch with new information

  • Find stakeholders by seeing contacts you might share or that your partner might help you with

  • Generate new target lists from the accounts of partners

  • Targeted outreach including partner intelligence

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