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Takes the guesswork out of partner data, gives you clear action-oriented insights

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Taking the guesswork out of your partner's data! After a series of beta tests on select users, 360° Mapping reemerges as 360° Goals. A new name, reflective of its updated features.

Its story? We noticed that our users had the same objectives in 360° Mapping, so we redesigned the page to be easier to navigate. Upon finding the most common use cases, we shaped them into 6 "Goals" based on pre-set filters and sortings. Cue 360° Goals!

So what exactly has changed?

360° Goals comes with an updated interface that allows users to choose the Goal of their analysis. Each Goal represents a distinct use case, with relevant data displayed on the screen. Though each case comes with its own set of default filters, you can always add yours to narrow down results.

The new interface introduces 6 goals, all visible on the upper side of the screen:

  • Identify my overlaps

  • Source Opportunities

  • Influence Deals

  • Expand to new Markets

  • Retain my Customers

  • Co-sell

Select a Goal, and Reveal will show you the relevant companies, ranked in order of importance.

Not sure what a Goal is about, or how to use it? Click on "How does this goal work", and you will find specific information that relates to its data, and use.

Explaining each goal : How it works, and how to use it

Identify my overlaps

How it works

"Identify my overlaps" shows all mapped accounts, but also partners associated with them. You can also apply your own filters, like region, company size and industry, to narrow the scope of the research. This is particularly helpful to those looking to focus on an Ideal Customer Profile.

How to use it

Partnerships and Sales Managers can find partners working with their target accounts. If partner presence is low on such accounts, it's time to connect with more partners!

Also useful in account based marketing (ABM), to find target accounts associated with partners. Add them to your Pipeline, and reach out to your partner to see how to approach them! For more information on how to conduct your ABM strategy, click on this link to read our relevant article.

Source opportunities

How it works

"Source opportunities" shows how prospects without an opportunity overlap with your partners' customers. In other words, which of your prospects are customers of your partners?

Overlaps are then sorted from most to least likely to convert, based on their Partner Signal. This way you can see which accounts correlate with higher historical win rates for you.

How to use it

Sales managers can source net new opportunities, by finding prospects where partners could provide intel or a strong conversion signal. Partner presence of this kind could create the following opportunities:

  • Helping with intel, or an intro, to the right stakeholder

  • Getting insights on the tech stack of your prospect

  • Finding how to create a relevant pitch or demo for each prospect

Influence Deals

How it works

This Goal compares your open opportunities to your partner's customers to find potential overlaps. It then sorts them from the highest to the lowest associated deal amount (when available).

How to use it

Sales managers can leverage their partners' presence to progress, reignite or close an existing deal. In such, they can connect with partners to:

  • Get an introduction or key intel to close opportunities

  • Have their tool or use case name dropped, and influence the opinion of the partner's customer

Lead Generation (AI)

Lead Generation (AI) is an updated version of 360° New Prospects that lets you generate new leads through your partners. A premium feature in 360° Goals, available for Pro and Power plans.

What is it?

Lead Generation (AI) gives you a 360° view of all New Prospects shared by your Partners. In other words, it shows your partners' customers that do not appear in your CRM. Ecosystem qualified leads, shared directly to you on Reveal.

These companies are traced from your partner’s CRMs. To ensure that we don’t display multiple accounts that refer to the same company, we remove duplicates.

New Prospects are sorted from highest to lowest number of Partner Signals. You can also tailor the list to your ICP by using filters like Country, # of employees and Industry.

How to use it

Sales and Growth Marketing managers can see who they aren't working with, but should! A great way to generate qualified leads within your ICP, rank them based on partners they're customers of, and push them to your Sales Reps!

Why AI?

Lead Generation introduces a Large Language Model (LLM) that performs various processing tasks to ensure New Prospects are assigned to categories and ranges coherent with your CRM. Check this article for an in-depth description of our AI model!

Retain my customers

Are your clients leveraging an integration with one of your partners? Or are they using your tools together for greater impact?

How it works

"Retain my customers" shows how your customers overlap with your partners' customers. In short, which customers do you have in common!

How to use it

Partnerships and Customer Success Managers can expand their clientele and / or address stickiness. To achieve this, they can:

  • Find upselling opportunities

  • Find retention opportunities by selling the right tech integrations from a partner


Which partner can I work with so that we both win?

How it works

"Co-sell" compares your opportunities to your partners' opportunities. In other words, what opportunities do you share with your partners?

How to use it

Partnerships and Sales Managers can join forces with their partners to close deals. Through "Co-sell", they can:

  • find contacts they can introduce each other to

  • collaborate to built a super strong use case that leverages their tools

New Actions Column

360° Goals introduces an "Actions" column right next to each company. This way, you can manage mapped accounts intuitively, and with ease!

By clicking on the three dots, you can either Get Intro through Slack or refer the account to a partner.

By clicking on the "plus" icon, you can add the account to your Pipeline, but also to that of your Partners!

If an account is already on your Pipeline, or your partners', the plus icon shifts to a dark flag. The purple number indicates how many Pipelines it has been added to.

What happens to existing Saved Views on 360°Mapping?

Afraid of losing your Saved Views from 360° Mapping? Good news - Saved Views carry over to the new 360° Goals view. In fact, you even create Saved Views for each Goal!

Want to learn more about 360° Goals and how to use it in your strategies?

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