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💡 The Reveal 360°  Dashboard is exclusively available on the Salesforce Power Plan.


Revenue Teams have one goal: to generate revenue. Depending on your role, this might be achieved through different means such as sourcing and influencing deals, co-selling with partners, or retaining existing customers.

The Reveal 360° dashboard turns partner data into visual insights that can be leveraged by Sales, Partnerships and Customer Success teams to grow their pipeline and close deals. We've recreated our most powerful Goals in Salesforce so that your team can instantly:

  • Understand and leverage partner data

  • Customize the view for their own needs

  • Visualize the data to identify trends, focus areas and prioritize accounts

  • Reduce reliance on RevOps teams to build out a custom dashboard

What's included

This dashboard displays relevant insights that can be used across your Revenue team.

An overview of the breakdown of your accounts:

Quickly see how many overlaps you have, broken down by type of account.

Check out the News Feed to get a list of your prospects that just became a customer of a partner, or that a partner just opened an opportunity on.

Instructions on how you can customize it for your needs:

Add in fields and filters to suit your business needs.

Source Opportunities

Identify partners already working with an account you haven’t cracked!

Use these partners to help you source a new opportunity by getting an idea of their tech stack, request an intro to a contact, some intel on the account, or for them to put in a good word on your behalf.

Influence Deals

Identify partners already working with an account you’re trying to win!

Use these partners to help you influence a deal by getting an overview of their tech stack, request an intro to a specific contact, some intel on the buying process, or to request their influence.

Retain my Customers (Renewal/Upsell)

Identify partners also working with your portfolio!

Use these insights to understand ways to expand your clients’ usage of your tool/integrations, request an intro to new stakeholders, and to provide relevant advice and recommendations.

How can I access it

The Reveal 360° Dashboard is created when the Reveal Data Package is installed in your Salesforce. You can access it by going to Dashboards > All Folders > Reveal 360 Dashboard.

The dashboard is powered by 12 reports that are auto-created in your Salesforce CRM. You can access these reports by going to Reports > All folders > Reveal 360 Dashboard Reports.

How to customize it

Follow a few simple steps to make the Reveal 360° Dashboard your own:

Step 1: update the fields to match your CRM setup

The dashboard uses standard Salesforce CRM fields. If your company uses custom Salesforce fields, it's not a problem! Simply update the reports to replicate your CRM setup.

For example, the standard Salesforce field Type is used to display Customers, Prospects and Partners in the dashboard. If your company uses a different field, such as Status, you will need to update the reports to include the field Status instead of Type.

Step 2: take a look at the default filters

The dashboard can be filtered for any of these conditions:

  • Account Owner name: Sales reps/CSMs can filter for just their accounts

  • Opport(unity) Closing Date: for open opportunities in your CRM

  • Opport(unity) Created Date: for open opportunities in your CRM

  • Account is a Customer of: select partner/s from the dropdown

It's possible to add more filter conditions to your dashboard, watch the short video below to learn more.

Step 3: change the component display and add relevant fields

You can choose how each section is displayed in the dashboard by clicking "Edit" on the top right of the dashboard, then the pencil icon for each component:

You will then have option to update the display, and add new columns/information:

Want to learn more about how to customize your dashboard? Watch the video below for more details:

Use cases

I'm an SDR and I'd like to identify accounts where I can source opportunities

I can apply the "Account Owner" filter at the top of the dashboard to refine the results to accounts under my name:

Next I can head to the Sourcing Opportunities section to find a list of accounts that my partners are already working on.

If I can see for my prospect Trader Joe's, my partners Intensify, Intersect and SpaceX have them as a Customer already:

This information gives me insights into:

  • The tech stack of Trader Joe's

  • Which integrations I can highlight during my pitch/sales calls

  • How I can customize my demo platform to highlight certain use cases based on the tech stack

  • Which partner/s I can leverage for intel, introductions or influence to get to the right stakeholder, or to customize my sales approach

I'm a Customer Success Manager and I want to make my clients stickier and happier

I can apply the "Account Owner" filter at the top of the dashboard to refine the results to only accounts under my name:

Next I can navigate to the Retain my customers goal to identify which of my partners are also working with these accounts.

I can see that my customer Skynet is also a customer of my partner Intensify. This gives me more insight into the tech stack that Skynet uses.

My company has a tech integration with Intensify, and I know that Skynet is not leveraging this integration (yet!).

Using the insights from the Retain my customers goal, I can now make recommendations to Skynet on how to implement, use and leverage the integration with Intensify. I can add this into my Success plan with Skynet, and I can also ask my partner Intensify for additional information on who their main stakeholders are.

This means that as a CSM I am able to:

  • Make relevant recommendations to my customers, using information on their tech stack

  • Increase integration adoption

  • Identify partners I can leverage for intel and improve my stakeholder mapping

The overall results is happier and healthier customers who are 'stickier' and less likely to churn.

Want to learn more about the Reveal 360° Dashboard and how to incorporate it into your Revenue team's processes?

Book a call with your Account Manager, by clicking on the link below.

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