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Lead Generation (AI) beta
Lead Generation (AI) beta

An overview of this premium 360° Goals feature

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Formerly 360° New Prospects, Lead Generation (AI) is an updated version that lets you generate new leads through your partners. A premium feature in 360° Goals, available for Pro and Power plans.

How it works

Lead Generation (AI) gives you a 360° view of all New Prospects shared by your Partners. In other words, it shows your partners' customers that do not appear in your CRM. Ecosystem qualified leads, shared directly to you on Reveal.

These companies are traced from your partner’s CRMs. To ensure that we don’t display multiple accounts that refer to the same company, we remove duplicates.

New Prospects are sorted from highest to lowest number of Partner Signals. You can also tailor the list to your ICP by using filters like Country, # of employees and Industry.

How to use it

Sales and Growth Marketing managers can see who they aren't working with, but should! A great way to find qualified leads and rank them based on the partners they’re customers of. We call that Nearbound presence!

Step 1. Know your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Not all accounts will interest you. So narrow down the list by using filters like "Industry", "Country" and "# of employees" to find New Prospects that match your ICP.

Step 2. Find the best prospects, for you

Some new prospects will be easier to convert. So sort the list by partner signals to find accounts linked to partners with historically higher win rates for you. These are your best options!

Step 3. Download the data and share it

You have the new accounts, you know the partners linked to them, but also who to contact. The next move? Export the data, upload it to your favourite CRM .. and assign it to your sales teams! 

Bonus: Automate!

Take things a step further by using tools like Zapier and API to automate this workflow! So every time a partner signs a customer, a new account will be created in your CRM and assigned to your SDRs along with an email.

The result? A solid Pipeline with new prospects within your ICP, generated with almost no effort!

But, where does the "AI" come from?

The context
Categories in CRMs tend to overlap. But most partners use their own descriptions. So fields like industry will have different names, and employee numbers varying ranges. The result? A lot of manual work, to adapt the new data to your CRM.

Our AI solution
Lead Generation introduces a Large Language Model (LLM) that performs various processing tasks to ensure New Prospects are assigned to categories and ranges coherent with your CRM.

The graph below shows how our model processes the industry type of a New Prospect. Same industry type, but with different names. The AI finds the appropriate category in your CRM, and lists the account under that name.

Now imagine doing that for over 10,000 new accounts - saves a lot of time, doesn’t it?

Want to learn more about 360° Goals and how to use it in your strategies?

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