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Create collaborations with your team and partners to better collaborate and generate revenue.

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💡 Collaborate is available on all workspaces (Free, Pro and Power).


Collaborate is where you can keep track of all of the accounts you're working on, called Collaborations. They can be used as a list that Partner Managers flag to discuss with their team, or that their Sales team has flagged as needing help on. A Partner Manager can take these items, called Collaborations, to create an agenda and to do list for a meeting with partners. Collaborations are shared with partners by default and automatically (learn more).

How can I use Collaborate?

  1. To add an item to Collaborate, you can go to a Partner account mapping or 360° Goals and Create to Collaborate:

  2. The account will now show within Collaborate in the On my deals tab, so that you can collaborate on your deals:

  3. Filter through your list and toggle on additional columns using the filtering options and purple plus sign:

  4. To see accounts that you're helping your Partner with, you can navigate to the On partner's deals tab to find items you've referred to them, or that they've added to collaborate on with you:

  5. Communicate with Partners thanks to our Inbox Messaging. Involve and update the right stakeholders, at the right time, at the right place.

Who can use Collaborate and create collaborations?

Users with a Partnership Manager or Admin role are able to create and manage collaborations.

When might I use Collaborate?

Some use cases for the Collaborate feature:

Partner Manager wanting to help their Sales team progress stalled deals using Partners:

  • Take part in your team's Sales pipeline review meeting on a regular basis

  • Ask your team for a shortlist of top deals that are stalling: such as deals due to close next quarter that aren't advancing

  • Search for accounts on this list on Reveal and identify which partners are present

  • Create a collaboration for this account on Collaborate. If you have a collaborative partner relationship, you can select them as being associated with the accounts

  • These accounts now appear as a list in Collaborate > On my deals. At your next partner meeting, work through the list and ask if they have any insights or can introduce your team to their stakeholders

  • Add notes and insights as comments, and update the Stage to reflect progress

  • At your next Sales pipeline review meeting, share your screen and work through notes and progress on these deals

Partnership Manager wanting to create target lists for Sales reps to go after

  • At your regular meeting with Sales Managers, discuss what an ideal customer profile (ICP) is and document it by creating a filter Saved view

  • Go to 360° Goals > identify my overlaps, or to a Partner account mapping with a and apply a filter to find Prospect accounts that match your ICP

  • From this list take a look at the partners already working on these accounts. Can you apply additional filters to narrow down the search?

  • Create collaborations for these accounts on Collaborate

  • You can then export Collaborate and share it with the Sales Managers who can direct their reps to target these accounts first

  • You can also use Collaborate as an action list/agenda that you can work through with a Partner when you have a meeting

    • Add any insights and next steps as comments that you can share with your team internally


How can I access Collaborate?

Partnership Manager and Admin users can simply navigate to the Collaborate tab on your Reveal workspace.

You can then check out On my deals for accounts that you'd like to collaborate on (internally and with partners), or On partner's deals to see accounts where you're the helping partner.

If you need any help accessing or using Collaborate in your workspace, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team on chat or 😃

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