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Get Intro from Reveal

Entrench collaboration within your team and with partners by using Get Intro to get intel, influence and intros on your key accounts

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🔒 Note: This feature is available exclusively for users on Pro and Power plans on Reveal.

🔏 Not a Pro / Power user yet, but want to unlock this feature now? Get in touch.


With Get Intro, your Sales team can collaborate directly with their Partnership team, and/or partners to request Nearbound help (in the form of introductions, intel and influence) and drive revenue on their accounts.

Get Intro is an action that can be used from partner account mapping or 360° Goals on Reveal, from the Salesforce and HubSpot widgets, or from the Weekly Digest email.

How does it work?

Step 1: Find accounts to focus on

On 360° Goals, take a look at your accounts according to the goal you're trying to achieve. Looking to close some deals that are open and have been stagnating? In this case, take a look at Influence Deals to identify the partners already working on them.

Use the columns for partner presence ("Is customer of" and "Is open opportunity for"), Partner Signals as well as other fields from your CRM to get a holistic view of your accounts, and who you can prioritize first.

You can also take a deep dive into a specific partnership by going into Account Mapping and applying filters to find accounts to target.

Step 2: Request an Intro

Once you've identified an account you'd like help on, and the partner(s) that can help, request an Intro:

Option 1.
Click on the Get Intro action in the Actions column on 360° Goals or a partner account mapping:

Option 2.
Request an Intro from the account drawer. When you search for an account or click on it from 360° Goals, you will open the drawer, and see more details on it. For partners that Get Intro is enabled for, you will be able to request an Intro, simply by clicking on the purple Get Intro button:

Step 3: Add context to your request

Once you click on the Get Intro action shortcut, you'll see a popup where you can:

  • Choose the partner you'd like to request the Intro from, or verify that the one you selected is correct

  • See who the Partner Owner is at the partner

  • Identify where the intro request will go to:

    • An internal Slack channel

    • An external Slack Connect with the partner

    • An email to the Partnership Owner at your company

  • Select the Contact you'd like an intro to

  • Add context to your request. We recommend adding extra details:

    • Your point(s) of contact

    • Describe the situation: eg. are they ghosting you, are you currently prospecting them etc.

    • What are you asking from the partner: an Intro to a contact, intel on who their signer was, info on how they use the partner's tool, influence during an upcoming meeting etc.

    • What you can offer the partner in return

Step 4: Follow-up on your request

Once you click on "Send your Intro request", the following will happen:

  1. Your request will be sent to the Intro Routing displayed on the pop-up (see step 3).

  2. It will then be added to your Team Pipeline on Reveal. This way, your Partnership team can track the request, update its progress and collaborate with that partner via shared Pipeline. The latter is particularly useful when no Slack Connect has been configured with the partner.

If your Get Intro request is sent to Slack, you can keep track of its progress with the partner and your own team directly on Slack.

Did your partner help you with an Intro or intel, and now the deal has progressed on your side? We recommend updating your team (Sales Manager and Partnership team) to let them know. If you track partner source/influence in your CRM, don't forget to add the updates there!

If your Get Intro request is routed via email to the Partnership Owner and not to Slack, you can follow-up with them directly and ask for an update on your request.

To better understand this feature, let's explore an example!

I'm a Sales rep working on my target account: GenePoint.

GenePoint is a Prospect, with an open deal that has been stagnating for the last few weeks. I want to move on with this deal, and close-win it by the end of the quarter!

I go to "Influence Deals" on 360° Goals, and search for GenePoint. I check the "Is customer of" column to find out which partners are already working with GenePoint. Now I know which partner(s) can help me with extra intel to move the deal along my funnel.

I click on the GenePoint account, and access the account drawer. There, I find that partner Jurassic World has had GenePoint as a Customer for 2 years.

I also see that Jurassic World and my company share a Common Contact: VP, Technology. This is my current contact!

I click on Get Intro and add in extra context in the pop-up:

  • Your point(s) of contact: John Samuels, VP of Technology

  • Describe the situation: "discussions were moving quickly in Q2 but they've been slow to reply for the last 3 weeks. I need help identifying if it's normal that it's taking so long to get a signature, and if you have a better contact that you could introduce me to"

  • What are you asking from the partner: "intel on their buying process (eg the timeline when they purchased your tool), and if John Samuels is the best contact"

  • What you can offer the partner in return: "I closed the Branksome account which I see is an open opportunity for Jurassic World. I could give some insights/intel about it to help you close it!"

I submit my intro request which sends a Slack message to the shared MyCompany x Jurassic World Slack channel. The message looks similar to this:

I can now follow-up on the Slack message, and either discuss with my counterpart from Jurassic World directly on the message, or organize a quick call to discuss things live!

With the help of my counterpart at Jurassic World, I am now able to move the open deal to the next stage in my funnel. I update my Sales Manager and Partnership team, to let them know that this outcome is a result of the help we got from Jurassic World.

I repeat this process for other accounts I need help on.

Ready to leverage the Get Intro button?

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