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Opportunity Sharing Settings

Customize what you share with partners

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💡 Available for Admins on all workspaces (Free, Pro and Power)

Sharing opportunity information when collaborating with a partner is crucial. It fosters transparency and helps track impact effectively.

On Collaborate, you can now share information about opportunities with your partners. You just need to attach an opportunity to your collaboration and decide how much info you want to share.

You can customize what you share on your Account Settings, in the “Collaborate” tab:

From there, you can choose from three levels of transparency:

  • No Sharing

  • Limited Sharing

  • Transparent Sharing

You can customize “Limited Sharing” and “Transparent Sharing” options. We consider that “Account name” and “Open/Won/Lost” represent minimal sharing, so they can’t be unchecked in Limited sharing and Transparent sharing options.

Depending on your partner's involvement in a deal (sourced, influenced, co-selling, reselling) you can share more or less information on the opportunity.

For example, when co-selling with a partner, you’ll want to share as much information as possible. Whereas, if a partner influences a deal, you might want to share less information on opportunities.

“By default” settings will apply when a collaboration is created with no “attribution type” (sourced, influenced, co-selling, reselling).

You need to attach an opportunity to your collaboration for your partner to see it. If you don’t attach an opportunity, neither you or your partner will see it.

You can see your attached opportunities in the collaboration drawer. Partners will only see what you share with them.

If you need any help accessing or using Collaborate in your workspace, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team on chat or 😃

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