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Learn how to customize the Get Intro form on your Reveal Salesforce widget

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πŸ”’ Note: This feature is available exclusively as an add-on to Pro and Power plans with Reveal's Salesforce package.

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Get Intro is a flow that empowers your Sales team to proactively reach out to their Partnership team and/or their Partner's team to request nearbound help (an intro, intel or influence) on their accounts so they can generate opportunities or close-win existing deals.

You can now customize the form that your Sales team sees when requesting an Get Intro from the widget, to include the most relevant questions so that your Sales team are providing the right information and context to achieve their goals.

How does it work?

To customize the Get Intro request form that your Sales team sees on the widget, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Account Settings tab from your workspace

  2. Go to the Get Intro template tab:

  3. Toggle on My custom template:

  4. Select the partner/s you would like to apply the template to:

  5. Add any questions that you would like your team to answer when they request an intro from the Salesforce widget:

  6. Don't forget to save!

Who can set it up?

Any user with the Admin profile on Reveal can configure the Get Intro form.

Use case

I have a specific way of working with my partner Levenue. We have a close co-sell partnership where we bring in the Sales rep from our partner on accounts where we both have open opportunities that we're actively working.

To make this co-sell relationship work, we need our Sales reps to share relevant information on their intro requests so that the partner team can quickly understand the context and know what is needed to help:

  • Your point(s) of contact

  • Describe the situation

  • What is the ask of the partner?

  • What can you offer the partner?

I can customize my Get Intro form to include these relevant bits of information so that when intro requests are sent to the shared Slack Connect between my company and Levenue, everyone has the information they need to take action and start collaborating together.

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