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Checklist - Before the Registration Period
Checklist - Before the Registration Period

Ready, set...not so fast! Review your settings before inviting clients to register online. 

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Review these settings to ensure a smooth registration period! You can also watch our recorded webinar where we talk about prepping for your registration season!

1. Account Tab

🔑 Administrators subtab

Assign your admins permissions based on the access they need in the back office.

Ensure your organization is visible on the web, set your time zone and add buttons to your website to guide clients to your SmartRec store.

✉️ Email preferences subtab

Admins can be sent personal email notifications when a payment transaction has failed and/or when a purchase has been made in the online store.

📄 Forms subtab

Forms capture the client's information as they move through checkout. You can assign different forms to programs, private lessons and/or memberships.

2. Store Tab

🛒 Store settings subtab

If you want to integrate an iFrame of your SmartRec store into your organization's website, click here. An iFrame allows clients to shop without leaving your website!

3. Activities Tab

📖 Activities>Programs subtab

Verify your program settings and ensure they are visible to clients, the correct forms are linked to each program and the start/end time for registrations is accurate.

🤸‍♂️ Activities>Edit subtab

Make sure all your activity settings are set up according to your organization's needs.

Check the description, schedule, taxes, payments, and additional settings. You can easily view this information in the 'Information on the activities of the program' report.

4. Memberships Tab

🎫 Memberships and/or Multipass subtab

Review the start/end dates (or the duration) of your membership(s). If you want to make memberships required for an activity, click here.

5. Discounts and Fees Tab

💸 Discounts subtab

Carefully test your discounts by performing partial test registrations in administrator and client mode. Testing is the best way to see if discounts are properly applied!

👉 To complete a partial registration, go to the store, add eligible items to your cart, and click Checkout. As long as no payment is entered, no registration takes place.

6. Accounting and Finance Tab

💰 Payments subtab 

Choose which payment methods are accepted in your store, configure your sales taxes, and allow clients to pay their account balance online.

🛡️ Policies subtab

Cancellation policies automatically apply credit and refund calculations to the client's billing when canceling a session activity.

💵 Installments subtab

Are you offering payment plans on any of your activities, memberships, multipasses or merchandise? This allows clients to pay for an item in predetermined, postdated installments. Click here to learn more, or to review your existing installment plans.

📒 Billing subtab

Review your Amilia fees, as well as merchant account rates. If your merchant account information doesn't appear on this page, you won't be able to process payments online. Contact us at if this is the case.

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