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Create a Drop-in Activity

Instead of registering for a full session, clients can choose specific days to participate in an activity.

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Drop-ins let clients choose their preferred registration day. Session activities may also be paired with drop-ins to offer more possibilities to your clients.

In this article, we'll look at how to:

1. Configure a Drop-in

Make sure the Drop-ins & MultiPasses app has been enabled in the Apps tab.

In the Activities > Edit subtab:

  • Under the Schedule & Resources section, add your schedule and Save.

  • Click the Drop-ins section and enable purchasing the activity as a drop-in.

  • Price: Specify the cost of registering for a single occurrence. A Multipass can also be used to enroll. Restricting enrollment to Multipass Only means only clients using an eligible Multipass can reserve a drop-in spot.

  • Spots available: How many people can register to the drop-in? Keep in mind these spots are offered in addition to the spots available by Session.

  • Registration start/end (optional): How soon or how late can a client register to a class before it takes place?

  • Unregistration end: Allow clients that used a Multipass to cancel a drop-in activity registration. If so, choose how late they can cancel before it takes place.

  • Click Save when finished.

👉 Do you use drop-ins to schedule your private lessons? Why not automate the process with our Private Lessons feature?

2. How to Register to a Drop-in

Here's what to expect when registering to a drop-in:

  • In the store, choose the program and the desired activity.

  • Select the Drop-in button to register for specific classes taking place within the activity's schedule.

  • A calendar view of the drop-in options appears, with available classes in blue.

  • Click on a date and choose which participant(s) to register by clicking the + next to their name(s).

  • Continue shopping to select additional dates or proceed to checkout.

👉 If a drop-in is purchased with a Multipass, it deducts one use from the pass.

3. Cancel a Drop-in

Only admis can cancel a drop-in registration, except when a drop-in allows clients with a Multipass to cancel. Canceling a drop-in is similar to canceling any purchase via the Client Billing subtab in the client's account.

To learn more about canceling a client's purchase, click here.

To learn more about canceling a purchase made with a Multipass, click here.

🔴 How clients cancel a drop-in reserved with a Multipass

If a client registered to a drop-in using a Multipass that is configured to allow a purchase by Multipass to cancel, they may cancel their registration by returning to the store.

In their personal account:

  • Select the Purchases tab and the applicable organization.

  • Under the participant's name, scroll to the Drop-ins section and click on the name of the drop-in class to cancel.

  • This redirects to the activity's drop-in page in the store.

  • Scroll to the drop-in calendar and select the activity date that needs to be cancelled.

  • Click Unregister next to participant’s name.

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