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2.4. Motivating and rewarding loyalty
2.4. Motivating and rewarding loyalty
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Subscribers are key assets for a business, as they generate recurring revenue. As such, it is important to try and retain them for as long as possible. Appstle Subscriptions and Loyalty has, and is always developing, features that help merchants maximize the reviews they gain from customers.

There are plenty of options/approaches that you can follow. We have covered these below:

  1. Tiered-Discounting: This is a great method of motivating customers to both subscribe and commit to a subscription. An example setup could be an initial discount of 20% upon sign up to a subscription, increasing to 35% after 15 billing cycles have passed. This loyalty configuration is shown in the screenshot below:

  2. Shipping Price: Free shipping can be another great motivator for subscriptions. An example configuration can be an X amount or percentage off the subscription cost, with free shipping (shipping price set to 0) included after a certain number of billing cycles.

  3. Free Product: Subscribers are important assets to your business. A predefined cycle of free gifts can be set up as another motivator. You can define a variant and configure it to be free of charge to be sent to customers who stay with their subscriptions for a certain number of billing cycles.

    To conclude, offering additional discounts or rewards can help motivate your subscribers to remain with your business, and thus remain recurring sources of revenue for a longer period of time.

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