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Your most loyal customers deserve to be rewarded, and you can accomplish this using Appstle Loyalty & Rewards’ VIP program, configurable in its own dedicated section in the dashboard.

Assuming it is not already, make sure that the VIP program is toggled off at the bottom before making any changes.

The program will be configured in two stages. First, click the Create Tier button to create a new VIP tier.

Now name it, (i.e. bronze, silver, gold, platinum, etc.), then enter a total amount that customers need to earn before they are eligible for this tier.

Then ensure that the status of the tier is set as Active at the bottom.

Click to Save in the upper-right when you are done.

Now to configure rewards, click the Edit button by the new VIP tier you have created to be greeted by some additional fields.

If you want, you can display a Tier Icon to your customers by entering a URL of an image into this field. As you can see in the header for this field, you need to make sure that the image is of max resolution of 30 x 30.

Finally, in the Rewards section, you can add rewards that will be unlocked once a customer enters this tier. Click the Add Reward button to be shown the same interface as with regular Reward Rules; they are configured in a similar manner to those as well.

For more information, we have a dedicated help doc with a list of our reward rules that you can reference here.

The second section, VIP Settings, is where you can choose your program’s start date and how your customers advance through tiers. You can adjust the program start date (from as far back as when you created your Appstle account), how your customers can enter VIP tiers (points or amount spent), and the amount of time customers have to achieve VIP status (lifetime or custom time range based on your program start date).

When you’re finished configuring, go back out to the VIP Program section and click to Activate VIP in the upper-right to launch your VIP program.

You can go to your storefront while logged into an account to preview what things will look like from the customers’ point of view, assuming you have given yourself the appropriate points and/or have bought enough through test purchases.

The loyalty widget should display the VIP tier, and if you click the Your Rewards tab, it should display the rewards you have configured for the tier.

Current Tier

VIP Rewards

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