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Getting Started
Getting Started

Welcome to Backpack Health! Let’s create your account, set up your profile, and introduce you to your Backpack.

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Signing up with Backpack Health is the first step on your journey of empowered control of your health information. Here’s how to get going.

Create Your Account

You can download the Backpack Health mobile app for iOS on the App Store or for Android on the Play Store, or go to to sign up on the web.

  1. Agree to our Privacy Policy

  2. Submit your email address – this will be the address you use to log in. 

  3. Set your password. 

  4. Choose your communication options.

  5. Check your inbox for an email from us and select the link in it to verify your address. 

Set Up Your Profile

Once you’ve verified your account email, we’ll need some information before you can start using Backpack Health:

  • Name

  • Country of residence (& US State)

  • Date of birth

  • Gender & birth sex 

We'll also need you to agree to our: 

  • Profile Privacy Policy

  • Health Information Privacy Policy

Once your profile is set up, you can make it more complete by adding your race/ethnicity, blood type and a profile photo (all optional). You can also personalize your Backpack by choosing a theme color. 

Note: If you plan to use Backpack to manage the health of someone you care for, you can create their profile as soon as you’re done by selecting Add another person (+) from the Main Menu. 

Get to Know Your Backpack

You can find pretty much everything on the Main Menu. You can get to it by selecting the button with your initials (or profile photo, if you add one). 

  • Health Info - This is where you can add and manage your health information. You can also add notes and files.

  • Profile - You can update the details you entered when you signed up, as well as add or edit your race/ethnicity, blood type and profile photo. You can also change your color theme and learn more about your privacy using Backpack Health.

  • Contacts - Build a list of your contacts, such as family, friends, health care professionals and providers, with all of the contact details you need.

  • Share Cards - Share Cards are for choosing health info in your Backpack to translate and share. Create PDFs or give someone a Share Card’s URL and Access Code to provide them with live, always-up to-date information.

  • Groups - You can join groups to share pseudonymized data with patient advocacy groups, foundations, and other organizations working to advance treatments and find cures.

  • Data Connections - Connect your Backpack to external data sources to add information automatically

  • Access - Here you can invite others to share access to your Backpack.

  • Add another person (+) - This is how you create Backpack profiles for those you care for, and will be where you switch which Backpack you’re in if you do.

  • My Account Settings - Manage account details like your password and email address, turn on two-factor security, and update your communication options.  You can also change the language you use Backpack in here, as well as log out and delete your account.

  • Help & Resources - Easy access to our Help Center, and a way to contact our support team. You’ll also find a list of resources for getting the most out of Backpack Health.

Note: The Main Menu will be in the context of whatever Backpack you’re currently in. If you add Backpack profiles for your loved ones to your account, you’ll want to make sure you’re in the right one when you’re managing everyone’s health. You can add profile photos for everyone to make it easy!    

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