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Share Cards Overview

Learn about our unique feature for sharing and translating the health info in your Backpack.

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Share Cards are all about getting the right information to the right people: 

  • Add specific health info saved in Backpack that you want to share.

  • Share your selected health info via PDF or live via URL

  • Translate the health info on Share Cards and share it in multiple languages.  

  • Link your Emergency Share Card’s URL and Access Code to your Medical ID

Every Backpack comes with two Share Cards – an Emergency Card and a Health History Card. You can also create a Food Allergies Card and as many Custom Cards as you want. And if you join a group, a Group Card will be added automatically. More details below!

Emergency Card

Your Emergency Share Card is meant for sharing your vital information in case of an emergency. Add whatever details you want – the following is included automatically, but can be removed: 

  • Your key profile information (like your name and date of birth) 

  • Your blood type 

  • Your medication allergies, if you add any to your Backpack

Like all Share Cards (other than Group Cards), your Emergency Card has a unique URL and Access Code that you can enable to provide someone with live, translatable information. But you can also link your Emergency Card to your medical ID accessories to give first responders and other health professionals direct access to that information, even if you can’t provide it yourself. 

Health History Card 

By default, all of the information you add to your Backpack gets added to your Health History Share Card. This is to give you a complete picture of your health history that you can easily share. But you can remove information from it at any time. 

Food Allergies Card 

When you create a Food Allergies Share Card, the food allergies in your Backpack will be added to it automatically, but they can be removed. This card is especially handy for things like translating a food allergy at a restaurant while traveling abroad. 

Custom Share Cards

You can create any kind of Share Card you want! Custom Share Cards are designed to be for whatever you need them to be. They’re great for sharing specific information with people like the school nurse or a specialist, without having to change or remove anything from other cards like Health History. You can also give them their own titles and choose their theme color. Only your key profile information is added to them by default, and it can be removed. 


Group Share Cards

When you join a Backpack Group, their Group Share Card gets added to your Backpack. Group Cards let you control what health information is shared with a group’s administrators to contribute to research or other group project goals. To protect your privacy, identifying information like your name, notes, comments, files, and contacts are excluded, and can’t be added. The health information you decide to share is psuedonymized (which means your personal data can no longer be linked to you without the use of a randomized code that is stored securely by Backpack Health) and aggregated with psuedonymized data shared by other group members. You can make changes to the Group Share Card at any time. You can’t delete a Group Share Card unless you leave the group. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for Group Membership.

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