Getting Started

Signing up with Backpack Health is the first step on a journey of empowered conversations and control of your health information. To sign up, here’s what we need to know:

  • Name
  • Country (& US State)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender

We’ll also need you to agree to our:

  • Profile Privacy
  • Health Information Privacy

Once you’ve signed up, you can finish your profile by adding your race/ethnicity, and blood type (all optional).

Side Navigation

My Backpack - This is the home view where you can select the part of your account you would like to access. You can also switch to other profiles, adjust your account settings, or access our help resources (help center or contact us).

  • Health Info - Here you can see all of your health entries, as well as add new ones! You can also add notes, and files..
  • Profile - This is your profile information. You can update and adjust your name, date of birth, gender, and residence, as well as add race, ethnicity and blood type. In addition, you can change your color theme and see more information on our Privacy Policy.
  • Share Cards - This takes you to your Share Cards. We have a couple already made for you, and you can create as many custom cards as you’d like!
  • Groups -  Backpack Health Groups allow you to do even more with your health information. You can connect with patient groups, foundations, and other organizations to contribute information to help advance treatments or find cures, as well as share stories and find a community.
  • Access (Shared Profiles) - If you want to share access to one of your dependent profiles, you can invite them to co-manage this profile. You can also remove yourself as an owner if things change.
  • Switch to - This is the menu for switching profiles and adding dependents and, viewing and changing your settings, and logging out. 
  • My Account Settings - Here you can update or edit your email and password, as well as turn on Two-factor authentication for additional security. In addition, you can change your language and adjust your communication options. When you’re ready to logout of your account, you can find the option here.
  • Help - Find easy access to our Help Center and a way to contact support. You can always emails us as well using
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