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After washing, can I place my bean bag cover in the dryer?
Are your bean bags fire safe?
Are your bean bags safe?
Are your beanbags UV and fade resistant?
Can I iron my bean bag cover?
Can I use my pool bean bag in chlorinated or salt water?
Do bean bags get dust mites?
Do you customize your bean bags?
Do you offer bean bags for dogs?
Do your pool bean bags require inflation?
How do I care for my bean bag?
How do I clean and care for olefin fabric?
How do I clean my bean bag?
How do I dry my pool bean bag?
How do I unzip the zipper?
Is olefin material environmentally friendly?
Is your fur real?
Is your suede real?
What is the best bean bag for teens?
What are your bean bags made from?
What bean bag is best for marine use?
What is microsuede?
What size bean bag should I get?
What’s the difference between nylon and polyester?
Where are your products manufactured?
Why is there no paper clip provided?
Do you need to take the beans out to clean the cover?
My bean bag has mould on it
Do I need a bean bag inner liner?
Can I wash my bean bag?
Can I leave my bean bag outside?
What are the best bean bags for not so tall people?
Are your bean bags water resistant?
Are your bean bags recyclable and environmentally friendly?
Are bean bags safe for pregnant women?
Can your Outdoor Bean Bags be used in water?
Can You Fill Your Bags with Shredded Foam Filling?
Which bean bags don't have an inner liner?
Where and how should I store my bean bag?
What’s the difference between cotton and polyester?
What is the difference between Olefin and Solution Dyed Acrylic?
What customizations do you offer?
What bean bag is best for gaming?
My dog or cat urinated on my bean bag. What do I do?
Is your lambswool real?
Are your bean bags dog proof?
Is my bean bag susceptible to mold?
How do I prevent mold and mildew from growing on my bean bag?
How do I dry lambswool?
How do I clean lambswool?
How do I care for my dog bean bag?
Do your bean bag fabrics fade?
Does anything contain rubber, latex, neoprene, or spandex (allergy concern)?
Age Suitability Guide
What bean bags are suitable for outdoor cinemas?