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How BetterYou can help you get your steps in

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BetterYou can help you remember to get out and move, and be aware of how much you're getting out and walking!

What we can help with:

You might have a specific steps goal each day that you want to hit, or you may just generally want some accountability in getting out and moving in an age where we sit so much!

BetterYou can help track your steps and send you friendly nudges when you're behind on your goal.

How we do that:

Let us know how many steps you want to get each day, and we can help keep track of your progress towards that Steps goal.

If you're on pace or ahead as the day goes on, you won't hear from us. If you're behind, though, we may send a nudge to remind you that this was a priority for you, and that a short walk goes a long way!

We will also show you each day's total as well as your 7 day average.

Permissions & how we log this:

BetterYou accesses Google Fit data for Android users, and Apple HealthKit for iOS users. We pull in your steps from each of those to show where you are and determine if we should send you a nudge or not. We will need Google Fit or Apple HealthKit permissions from you before we can pull this in.

We can also pull in information from your wearable if you set up the integration. For more on that, see our wearables article here.

Additional Data Disclosures for our Google Fit Integration

BetterYou's use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Learn more about how to set a goal here!

Steps to setup you Steps Goal

  1. Click + in the bottom right corner of the Goals page

  2. Click "Add New Goal"

  3. Select Steps "Hit my daily steps"

  4. Click "Set Goal"

  5. Pick the amount of steps (you can always adjust later)

  6. Your done! Your steps should pull from Apple Health or Google Fit, Garmin, Fitbit according to your setup and permissions.

Quick steps goal setup video

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