New Release Info - January 2023

Learn about the new features and system updates in the January 2023 release of the BetterYou app

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After gathering member feedback, designing, building, and testing, we are excited to release a new version of BetterYou! This version boast tons of new features and system upgrades to make hitting your goals easier and more enjoyable!

New Features

  1. Goal Updates

    1. We have combined app & location-based goals making it easier for members to achieve the goals that are important to them!

      1. Have multiple gyms or social places you visit to hit your goals? We've got it covered. Members can now add multiple locations for location-based goals.

    2. We've upgraded the Steps dashboard to show members' step totals for each day.

      1. Scores will be calculated based on phone usage around bedtime AND whether it was used throughout the night. This will be reflected in the app to give members more insight into why they passed or didn’t pass for that night.

      2. Members will now have the option to choose if they'd like their sleep logged on weekends or not.

  2. Challenges - check out the new Community tab

    1. Do More with Buddy Challenges: Members can now send challenges in all goal areas. Members will have the option to send challenges even if their buddy doesn’t have that goal, giving everyone a chance to try a new goal!

    2. Community Challenge Dashboard: We will now be running sleep & step challenges directly through the app! These will appear as a group goal and members will be able to see their challenge progress alongside their peers on a leaderboard, where they can opt-in to have their name listed. You can see your group’s progress in your app!

  3. Milestones/Journey Center

    1. Check out milestones/rewards, highlights of your past success, and tips for getting back on track with your goals in the new Journey Center!

      1. There are now more and different opportunities to earn unlimited rewards including engaging more with the app and hitting goals. These are awarded randomly to serve as positive reinforcement while using non-monetary motivation strategies as a driver for healthy habit development.

  4. System Updates

    1. Better integration of wearable devices, including the addition of Garmin to our list of supported devices.

    2. More accurate and refined logging across all goal areas.

    3. More options for Screen Time screenshot logging, allowing members to log time from last week, this week and today's screen time.

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