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Getting started with calendars
Getting started with calendars
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Blackbell calendars let you customize your resources and service availabilities, based on your operations. Your customers will see live availabilities when trying to book a resource or a service. 

We allow you to setup 2 types of calendars: 

  • Calendars with time slots (massage, delivery, activity...)

  • Calendars with day slots (room booking, equipment rental, multi-day event...)


What it looks like

For your customer

For your team 


How to setup a calendar and link it to a service

Here is the general logic: 

  • Create a calendar (Path: Manage > Calendars) and set it up

  • Create a service (Path: Manage > Services)

  • Under the Scheduling section of the Service setup, link the calendar you just created. And setup the service duration and availability.

You can read more about use cases below.


Use cases 

Here are some use cases to help you properly setup your calendars:

Calendar with time slots

  • Room Service - Covering opening hours of the kitchen, minimum schedule notice to allow kitchen to prepare, blocking dates when kitchen is closed...

  • SPA Room - Covering the booking of 30min / 1h / 2h treatments, buffer time before and after event to prepare or clean room, minimum schedule notice to prevent last minute bookings...

  • Weekly event - Covering the scenario of a recurring weekly event with a maximum number of participants per event...

  • One-off event - Covering the scenario of a one-off event with a maximum number of participants per event...

  • Repair & maintenance services - Covering the scenario of maintenance services where technician offers 2 large booking slots per day  (8am-12pm / 2pm-6pm) and come back to customer a day before to give an exact timing

Calendar with day slots

  • Room booking - If you operate a B&B, a small guest house and you want to sell your rooms


Need help to cover another scenario? Just get in touch! 

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