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How can I set up follow up messages for open house visitors and other leads?

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To follow up with leads that sign in to your open house via text message, enable Guest Follow Up under the listing setup (that's within the My Listings screen). 

You can include the text that you'd like to send, as well as, a link to a web page with the property details. We've built beautiful microsites that can be easily be enabled for all your listings. Learn more here.

For more advanced marketing follow up, use our zapier integration which will open up infinite options for lead follow up using a variety of solutions. Also if interested in webhook or more custom integrations, let us know in our support chat and we can propose options.


Q: Can I use my number for follow up texts instead of your toll free number?

A: Unfortunately the mobile carriers don't allow us to send texts that appear to come from another phone number. It's a fraud prevention measure they have to protect consumers. If they open up a way to do this in the future, we'll definitely look into adding this functionality.

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