Here's a Video that Walks You Through the Setup Process

Here are Step by Step Instructions

Step 0: Setting up your Curb Hero profile:

In the My Profile screen, you can add your profile photo, business logo, brokerage name, and more pieces of info that will be used in your (here's a video tutorial).

FYI for your profile photo, we crop the image as a circle when we display it on your site (so it's consistent with how social media platforms like Instagram display profile photos).

IF you've also added a business logo in My Profile, when you view your, you'll see that logo displayed as a smaller circle on the outside of your profile photo. You can always edit that logo.

Your username is important for a number of reasons:

  • It's unique. No two users can have the same username

  • your username is part of your URL ( so it will be highly visible.

  • your URL is intended to be used in your bio on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and your audience will associate that URL to your brand

For these reasons, selecting your username is the first step to publishing your You can select your username at the top of the My screen.

Because each username must be unique, we'll let you know if the username you've typed is taken or is still available.

Generally we recommend picking a username that you use on social media platforms that you're most engaged on. For example Instagram. You can also pick a username that's closely aligned with your brand.

If you'd like to change your username later, you should email

There are a few types of links you can add to your

  • Featured Links: these are anything you want to promote and they appear right below your profile photo and username. Ideas for good featured links are: recent press and/or awards you've received, prospecting tools like an IDX or CMA, OR a link to your desktop website but there are limitless possibilities. We tried to list a few ideas to get your creativity flowing here.

  • Listings (for agents): if you've added listings that have microsites in Curb Hero, you can link to them here. If you've created a listing, but it doesn't appear in the list of available listings, make sure the listing microsite is "PUBLISHED". That status is at the bottom of the Edit Listing menu. More info on listing microsites (plus a video tutorial) here.

  • Paired Listings (for lenders): lenders can add listings that any of their paired agents have microsites for. The lender will also be featured in that listing microsite lead form AND any leads that have mortgage questions will be shared with the lender in their My Leads screen.

  • External Profile Links: here's where you can cross promote your social media and business profile pages.

Once you've got all your profile info and links setup, you can "Publish" your at the bottom of the My screen.

After you hit the "Publish" button, you'll see options to "view" and "copy" next to your username. That means your is live and you can begin using it.

We recommend updating all of your social media bio links (ex: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc) to be your That way you can connect people easily to the content/properties that you want to promote by simply saying "link in bio". It's becoming popular shorthand terminology for "check the link in my bio for more information".

You can also get creative and use it anywhere else in your marketing especially when communicating with a mobile audience.

And if you are a team lead or broker, you can have your team promote your URL as one of the Featured Links in theirs. That way your content gets additional reach to their audience.

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